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      Yueyang Scichemy Co., Ltd.

      About Us

      Yueyang Scichemy Co., Ltd.is located at Yueyang Green Chemical Industrial Park in Yueyang city of Hunan Province, with Beijing-zhuhai expressway in the east, Suiyue highway at west, HangRui high-speed at south, the Yangtze river in the north, Beijing-Guangzhou railway, Beijing-Shenzhen lines, MengHua railway nearby. Our company focus on research and development of solid chemical additives production more than ten years, is a professional manufacturer of solid chemical additives, . Main products are Dicyclohexyl phthalate (DCHP), Glyceryl tribenzoate (GTB), pentaerythritol tetrabenzoate, and etc.

      Our company's initial registered capital is 1 million yuan. There is a pragmatic and innovative management team, outstanding technical development personnel, advanced production experiment equipment and standardized quality control system.

      Company business philosophy: "quality, integrity, innovation, win-win". We would like to work with all friends at home and abroad to realize mutual benefit and common development.



      • Office building
      • Warehouse
      • Product
      • Product
      • Product warehouse
      • Workshop
      • Door
      • Reactor
      • Business license
      • Reactor
      • Reactor